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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy administers the procedures set up by us to protect your private and personal information and keep it intact and safe from misuse. We are duty bound to keep of our clients’ private and personal information strictly confidential and we never reveal your information to anyone, especially third parties. We highly recommend to go through our policies to know more about how we store and use your information.

Gathering of Information

At Australian Assignment Help we collect and assimilate your PII (personally identifiable information) along with non-PII form the visitors on our websites and from our clients. The characteristics of the collected information heavily comprise of the following distinguishing features:

  • User’s Name
  • Residential Address
  • Email address
  • Your online transaction and its acceptance from us
  • Your first order form us and its pertaining details

The non-PII which we also cater for our clients include:

  • Original IP address
  • Information relating to web browser
  • Time spent surfing on our website
  • & the pages visited by you on our website

Information Usage

When you order form us, there is a substantial expanse of conviction through which you approve of our services. At Australian Assignment Help we keep your trust in high regards and never exploit your information for unauthorized usage. We do however use your information for the following purposes:

  • To offer you valuable information regarding promotional discounts.
  • To reply you for any complaints, queries or entreaties.
  • To keep an avid communication channel with you.
  • To offer us highly customizable and tailor made services depending upon your location.
  • To complete the regulations regarding wired transactions.
  • To provide you the latest trends and news revolving around our offered services.

Application of Cookies

In order to gain access to information pertaining to the trends, usage, movements, and administration of our website, we implement the application of cookies. This may relay in the form of scripts and tags as messages towards you.

As a user you are in complete control to monitor and chose the level of online browsing suiting your needs. You can select not to opt for cookies anytime at your own convenience. Cookies however help us facilitate online payments and in record keeping of our user’s log-in information and other authorized purposes.

Safekeeping Of Records

All of your personal and private information is stored within our SSL databank. We link your information directly to your record file and we enhance its protection through various firewalls. These security features enable us to protect and safeguard your information from leaking and being misused by others.

Changes In Policy

As we and our services are evolving, it requires periodical upgrading and updating of polices as well. This aids in monitoring and improving the browsing practices of users. Due to improvement in technology and advanced implementation of our services our polices can undergo changes and alterations without any prior notices.