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A) To place an order online, you just need to fill out the form provided on our website. Once you have filled out all the requirements marked essential* on the form, click the Proceed to Pricing button provided. You will now be able to see the cost that your order will be marked at as well as the standard table of prices. Do bear in mind however, that the cost of some orders depends on the nature of the order also. The exact price of such an order will not be given to you at the time of the placement of this order either. Next, fill out the requirements of the order and move on to our payments section, choosing, from here, an option for the method in which you will be paying us. Select an option here. Work on your order will begin once we have received payments for the same.
A) Originality in the content that we provide our clients is the one thing that we pride ourselves on. No matter what your order may be, or how common and generalised the subject matter is, we can assure you that you will get nothing but originality from our end.